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Explore a world of trading opportunities through copy trading, maximizing your potential across diverse markets.

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Supporting Reputable Brokers supports the most highly reputable forex brokers in Asia. We can help you analysis your trade style and provide a insightful analysis opinion.

Frequently asked questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions

What is the copy trading?

Copy trading is a simple process that involves connecting your MT4 trading account to the TheCopyTrades,com. Through the platform, you can explore a community of online traders and choose the ones you want to copy based on their profitability, preferred assets, and risk level. Once you've selected a trader, you can customize your trade settings to match your desired risk level. By clicking 'Invest', your account will automatically replicate the trades of the chosen trader according to your settings. You have the flexibility to follow multiple traders simultaneously and can stop copy trading whenever you wish.

What level of risk of copy trading?

Copy trading, like all trading activities, carries a degree of risk that requires careful management based on individual circumstances, goals, and overall strategy. It is crucial to assume responsibility for effective risk management since each trader may have a different risk approach. Before automatically replicating trades, it is recommended to thoroughly assess the past performance of chosen traders, comprehend their risk tolerance, and make necessary adjustments to trade settings. As with any investment, it is prudent to allocate funds that are within your affordable range and bear in mind the option to discontinue copy trading whenever desired.

Why is this platform can be offered free?

Recognizing the challenging nature of the forex trading industry for beginners, we have collaborated with partner companies. Through this collaboration, when you use our software on their trading platform, they cover the cost, allowing you to access our tools and services completely free of charge.

How can I find a good signal provider to copy?
Arrow platform will simplify the process of finding traders to copy. Using the app, you can easily search for traders through suggested lists, such as the most profitable traders, or by directly searching for a specific trader or group. Once you identify a trader you want to copy, you can review their past trading performance to make an informed decision about whether to copy their trades.

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